TEAM MH-08 RACING is the official formula student team of Rajendra Mane College of Engineering and Technology,Ratnagiri. The learning experience of the student's community at R.M.C.E.T is by implementation of engineering fundamentals within the context of designing and building a formula student race-car.  Being a team from rural area where there is lack of technology, we are trying to achieve this by focussing on class engineering practices and institutionalizing innovations. A team full of passionate undergraduate engineers have made it possible by designing and building formula student race cars in rural area where resources and technology are still unavailable.The race-cars made by the Team compete with colleges from metropolitan cities at National Events. TEAM MH-08 RACING has a passionate dream to represent India at International platforms and achieve huge heights for our country.   We understand that only I can’t but we all together can. With your assistance we are looking forward to drive our passion.


 It is one of the biggest motorsport event in the world that is exclusive only to student, challenging the university undergraduates to conceive, design & fabricate formula style race-cars which combine hands-on practical experience, project management & teamwork along with student academics allowing them to excel in every walk of life. It is generally a design competition,in which various universities take part and compete with their self designed, built and tested race-car. This event is basically divided into business plan presentation, cost event, design event, and dynamic events.The format of the event is such that it provides an ideal opportunity for the students to test, demonstrate and improve their capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding environment of a motorsport competition. This event is being yearly carried out into 11 countries around the globe.

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 Under the Paris Agreement at the UN Climate Conference earlier in May 2017, India declared that only electric cars will be on sale in 2030. In light of this push by the government to move away from fossil fuels and to embrace electric technology our next vision is to design and manufacturing Formula Student Electric Vehicle. We kept this aim to promote the electric mobility as well as to gain the knowledge and build the future ready engineers to be prepared for the revolution of the electric mobility and pollution free mode of transportation. In order to be ready for this development Team MH-08 Racing had participated and successfully done with the FSEV 2020 competition. It is is basically the Formula Student Electric Vehicle Concept Design Challenge which is yearly carried out by Curiosum Tech Private Limited. It provides the Formula Student the Platform for presenting their concept for electric system of EV and get that conceptual design verified as well, by industry professionals. So we put our first step towards designing and manufacturing EV by means of FSEV2020, now aiming towards manufacturing as well as taking prototype of EV to the Formula Student Competition by the end of 2021 and not only limited for the participation but also to carve best out of it and of course make the attempt successful.